Annabelle first discovered her desire to live her life on-stage at a young age after idolizing Disney's pop-stars of the 2000's and other artists including Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole. Her drive only further increased when she realized that becoming an entertainer could be a reality and from then on, she wasn't going to let anything stop her. 


She tested the waters with local singing competitions in her home state of New York, encouraged by her growth as she went from contestant to semi-finalist to finalist. Gradually people began to see her potential and she started to get invited to  different pop-culture hubs by producers and event-planners, including events out of state such as Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN. Thanks to these experiences, she was able to find and define herself into the up-beat, feel-good pop-artist she is today. 


Annabelle worked alongside producer Robert Lux for her first single, 'Every Way You Move', which received significant radio-play in Puerto Rico. The attention further spread to America in states like New Jersey, New York, California, Tennessee, and many more. It hit #3 on the Indie Rhythmic charts, surpassing notable artists such as Kanye West and Fetty Wap, and peaked at #78 on the Rhythmic chart.


In regards to music, Annabelle hopes that people start listening to a wider variety of music with a more open mind. "People are so quick to judge anything these days within the music industry," she says. "We tend to forget that music is made simply for our enjoyment and creative expression and although some genres or styles are not for everyone, we shouldn't be so quick to criticize what we're hearing. Can't we all appreciate what music does for us and how it makes us feel? It's a very valuable thing that we're lucky enough to have."  


She connects this idea back to her own music, which she makes with the mindset to entertain and energize. With the Asian music market being her biggest source of inspiration, she looks to artists such as Girls' Generation, f(x) and B.A.P. "It's a very different world over in that music market. I think the Western music market could learn and borrow a lot from them as they are from us."


Annabelle's original singles, 'Every Way You Move', '100%', and 'Where We Go' are all available on iTunes and Bandcamp.