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Full Name: Anna Noelle LePetri (pronounced la-pee-tree)

Stage Name: Annabelle

Birthday: May 30, 1997

Height: 165 cm/5'5

Instagram: @annabellepop

Twitter: @Annabelle_POP

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Guilty Pleasures: Shopping, baking, traveling, anything Disney related

Talents: Singing, dancing, songwriting

-Before she became "Annabelle", she originally called herself Anna Noelle. Her YouTube channel was even originally "annax3noelle".

-Her first original song was written for a Harry Styles fan-fiction titled "Dark". The emotional, r&b track is no longer on iTunes, though it can be found on the YouTube channels of certain fans. 

-She is currently a Music Business major at Full Sail University in Orlando to graduate with the Class of 2018. She hopes her studies will make her a smarter artist and open up new opportunities and capabilities.

-She is Italian, German, and Irish. She rarely refers to her Irish side and is most fond of the German side of her family. 

-She hid that she was a singer until she signed on with a PR company and had no choice but to allow her publicist and social media managers to advertise her on her existing social media accounts. This didn't happen until her final year of high school.