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Her friends know her as Anna Lepetri, but her fans and the music world simply calls her Annabelle. And it’s a name that’s one with the dance scene.

This morning, EXCLUSIVELY on Fanlala, you can check out the brand new single Every Way You Move from Annabelle. Produced by R​obert Lux, ​w​ho has worked with notable New York based acts, Ella Riot and Pegasus Warning, at Dubway StudiosEvery Way You Move is one of our top dance songs of the summer, and we can’t wait to watch it blow up!

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Pop artist Annabelle is only eighteen, but you’d swear she was a 90s pop artist, especially with her brand new track, “100%,” which is a bold, nostalgic, and upbeat declaration of her empowerment. The bright tune is sure to spark up the end of your summer, and will keep you feeling happy well into the fall.

Annabelle showcases impressive vocal skills, conveying emotion and power in each line…and she makes it look effortless, inspiring a feeling of optimism and perseverance.

“Although upbeat in sound, this song is about a serious topic – feeling empowered. I wrote this song about a time I felt belittled, undervalued but rose above it by changing the way I thought about myself and what I offered. So I guess you could say its an anthem to empowerment,” the singer/songwriter says. “But even though its about a serious topic, I hope your readers appreciate the upbeat tempo and maybe sing it at the top of their lungs while driving with the windows open!”

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New York-based teen dance-pop artist Annabelle has just unleashed her super-catchy summer anthem called "Every Way You Move", which was produced by R​obert Lux and is taken from her forthcoming debut EP due out later this year. "Every Way You Move" will be available to download on iTunes and other digital platforms on July 24th. 

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Annabelle released the single “Every Way You Move” in the summer of 2015. Here is what she had to say:

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Annabelle: “If you asked people to describe me just 5 years ago, they would have said, “Oh, Anna? She’s a great athlete”. I played soccer and lacrosse for both my town, my school and for a regional team. I even played soccer in England! So when it finally broke that I sing and dance, I think a lot of people were surprised. It’s definitely not that music and dance suddenly became my passion, it just took me a while to break out of the “everyone in the town plays a sport” mold and really starting fitting into my own skin. Now it’s hard to think of a day where I am not writing music, singing, recording, learning a new dance, preparing for a video, or shooting a video, and I still cant get enough!


So what am I doing now? Well, right now I’m in the middle of producing my first EP – due out in the fall, which still doesn’t have a title! I definitely would love to hear some suggestions from my fans on social media though! “Every Way You Move” was the first single of the EP, which I was very excited to release and I’m currently finishing the fourth song! I’m so excited to share all of this new music with my fans. A commonality with all of the songs are that they share a similar upbeat, “gotta dance” feeling, and they each have a different vibe. I also have to confess that I am a huge K-pop fan, so right now I am also in the process of covering a few songs which I will hopefully share on YouTube. Stay tuned!”

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Long Island teen dance-pop artist, Annabelle, just released her first single, “Every Way You Move“. The track is from her upcoming debut EP, set to come out later this year.

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Long Island-based pop singer Annabelle has released a new track called Every Way You Move, which will appear on her upcoming debut EP, out later this year.

"I can't listen to this without smiling." [Review of Every Way You Move]


We welcome quickly up and coming Long Island, New York native Annabelle to the pages of PEV – her high energy, electronic pop style quickly gaining more and more fans with each passing week. Annabelle is working to carve out her own position in the genre, adding elements of K-Pop to her songs and performances – evident on her latest single, “Every Way You Move”.

11060950_759231597508700_1551833827564931205_nWe asked Annabelle about the single – she told us, “’Every Way You Move’ is a song that I want people to listen to and just let loose. Whatever dance move your body urges to do, I want you to do it. While creating the song, this was definitely the goal I was aiming for. We actually created the music to the track first to get that real party vibe established. Then came the lyrics, which weren’t hard to come up with when we already had the music giving us a perfect vibe.” Click to to check out “Every Way You Move” and keep up with Annabelle as she continues to release new music. Of course, do all of this right after you finish reading all of the answers to the XXQs below.

XXQs: Annabelle (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what makes you stand out from others in your genre?

Annabelle: My sound is definitely high energy, electronic-pop. During the creation process of my songs, if my producer and I aren’t dancing or even grooving in some way, we both know we have some changes to make. Also I think something that gives me a boost above others in my genre is that I reference K-Pop almost always and try to get similar vibes in my songs. K-Pop definitely has its own sound to it and I try very hard to lead my music in that direction.

PEV: Calling Long Island, New York home, what kind of music were you into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

Annabelle: I was a HUGE fan of all the music that came out of Disney Channel. I was definitely in that large majority of young girls who wanted to be Hannah Montana or the next member of The Cheetah Girls. I can’t forget High School Musical or Camp Rock either. It’s always been those kinds of fun pop songs that you can’t help but sing and dance along to. Even outside of Disney Channel, I loved Britney Spears and young pop groups like A*Teens, Play, and S Club 7. As far as my first concert, it was most likely one of the American Idol concerts. My family was a huge American Idol family and we went to their concerts almost every year.

PEV: What was it like trying to break into the music scene when you first started? What was your first show like? 

Annabelle: Since I got into it at such a young age, obviously I had a pretty naive view on it. My first performance was in front of maybe 20 to 30 people in a small performance hall and yet that still felt like a dream. But once the initial excitement died down, it was definitely tough to perform in front of crowds who had no idea who I was. All performers ever want is to see fans in the crowd singing their lyrics back to them and screaming their name. It brings you back to reality, which stings a bit at first, but I’m thankful for it because it helps motivate me to work harder so I can see more and more fans in my crowds.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Annabelle show?

Annabelle: The number one thing I want fans to get out of my shows is a good time. I want everyone to feel like they’re leaving a dance party at the end of the night. I definitely wouldn’t recommend wearing sandals to my shows!

10300632_759212960843897_8285440016780645824_nPEV: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage to perform?

Annabelle: I don’t think anything really comes to mind. By that point, the adrenaline has really kicked in at full strength and all I can focus on is putting on the most entertaining show I can for not just the crowd, but also for myself.

PEV: What is the best part about being on stage in front of an audience?

Annabelle: The cheering. Hands down. But that’s a pretty typical answer so I’ll also have I say the freedom you have on stage. While recording in a studio or filming a music video, everything has to be perfectly on point. When performing on stage, you have a set list to follow but that’s pretty much it. You can basically do whatever you want.

PEV: What was your underlying inspiration for becoming a musician? 

Annabelle: I think being a fan first and foremost led to the creation of this dream. Not just because I wanted to be my idols, but also because I used to see what some would do and want to do it better. For example, I know what it feels like to feel neglected by your idol so I’d love to be able to be the musician that is very friendly and close with her fans. I’d do whatever it takes to achieve that.

PEV: Thinking back to when you first started out, do you ever look back on your career and think about your earlier days and how you’ve arrived where you are today?

Annabelle: Always. When I first started, I was singing ballads and more acoustic songs and was sure that the music I would release would sound like that, too. Now, I can’t even imagine myself releasing a slower tempo song. I think the change came with growing and understanding myself better.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about you?

Annabelle: This one is pretty tough since I’m pretty much an open book. But I think it’d be that my biggest dream is actually to be in a girl-group someday! Being a solo artist is awesome but there’s something about girl-groups that seems so fabulous to me. I love the coordinated fashion and dancing but mainly the companionship. Wouldn’t it be awesome to perform with your girls like that?

PEV: What do you do when you hit a brick wall in your writing? What are some methods to get over that?

Annabelle: I put my iPod on shuffle right away. My best inspiration comes from listening to other songs, especially ones I’m in love with at the time. It just motivates me to make a song that’s just as good. Sometimes, I’ll also read a good story. Songs don’t always have to be about you so if I’m inspired by someone else’s story, I don’t hesitate to write about it.

PEV: How do you think the industry has changed over the years, since you started out?

Annabelle: The way social media has now taken over the music industry will always fascinate me. I’m lucky enough to remember when Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube first came about and I never would’ve imagined they’d all be platforms to get discovered on. One of the first questions I’m usually asked is “Do you have a YouTube channel?” Social media has really become a must-have in this industry.

PEV: What can fans expect from your latest single, “Every Way You Move”? What was the writing process like for this piece?

Annabelle: “Every Way You Move” is a song that I want people to listen to and just let loose. Whatever dance move your body urges to do, I want you to do it. While creating the song, this was definitely the goal I was aiming for. We actually created the music to the track first to get that real party vibe established. Then came the lyrics, which weren’t hard to come up with when we already had the music giving us a perfect vibe.

PEV: With all your traveling, is there one area you wish you could travel around and play that you have not yet?

Annabelle: I would love to travel around Asia and perform specifically in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul looks like a beautiful city and Korean pop fans come up with these cool chants when stars are performing their songs. I would love to hear such chants to “Every Way You Move” or any other songs I come out with in the future.

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your career?

Annabelle: I’ve never seen such an immense amount of support in my life, which I couldn’t feel any luckier for. Not everyone gets the support to chase a career as unpredictable as this. My friends have also been very amusing. Anytime I show up to hang out with a big group, I constantly hear “Oh, look! The pop-star is here!” and they bombard me with all of these questions. I’m just like “Seriously guys? A lot of you have known me for years!”

PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time, aside from playing/writing music?

Annabelle: Dancing. I’m always trying to learn or come-up with new choreography or get involved in dance classes and performances. I think if I weren’t a musician, my dream would be to become a back-up dancer.

PEV: Name one present and past artist or group that would be your dream collaboration. Why?

Annabelle: The present group is a difficult choice but I would have to say Mamamoo. They’re a newer K-Pop girl-group and their talent and energy are off the charts! I think a K-Pop/American pop collaboration would be pretty cool, too. As far as a past artist, probably Janet Jackson. I remember the first time I saw one of her music videos. I was absolutely blown away!

PEV: Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

Annabelle: I’ve recently become friendly with a 16-year-old EDM producer who goes by the name Xulikken. Let me tell you, if I had the talent this boy has at his age, my iTunes library would be overflowing with original tracks. He’s currently coming out with a collection of singles, and I’m actually the featured vocalist on one of them. It’s called “Limitless” so be sure to look out for it! Xulikken did an amazing job on it.

PEV: If playing music wasn’t your life (or life’s goal), what would you do for a career?

Annabelle: Probably to become a professional dancer, especially a back-up dancer. I’ve always taken dance classes and still do since dance is incorporated into my music career, but if music hadn’t taken up so much of my life, I probably would’ve filled all of that empty space with extra dance classes. I always wish I extended my knowledge out past hip-hop and took jazz or tap but that was the sacrifice I was happy to make to have a music career!

PEV: So, what is next for Annabelle?

Annabelle: Of course, there’s new music in the works, which is unbelievably exciting. I’m really proud of these new ones so I can’t wait for everyone to hear them. But I also hope to really start becoming a teen personality as well as a musician. Of course, that’s just a hope right now, but I’m going to keep working hard to change that!

LI Herald

Annabelle... was invited to compete in the inaugural Atlanta Apollo talent competition. She was selected by the organizers, LazerBeam Megatainment, after an online video submission and competed against a wide variety of acts in Atlanta on Aug. 5 at the EpiCenter Theatre in Atlanta.

Accompanied by a live band, she performed “Ain’t it Fun” by Paramore. Both her fellow contestants and the judges were wowed by her stage presence and energy on stage. Annabelle was one of three finalists selected to compete in future rounds.

Annabelle began to focus on her music career three years ago, when she signed on with vocal coach Lori Fine. She currently has two songs on iTunes and recently connected with StrongSide Studios in Valley Stream, which operates a non-profit talent-enhancing program for teens who want experience both on and back stage. She has performed for audiences across Long Island and has even made it to the call back rounds of a few national TV singing competition shows.